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Originally Posted by Trainman24210 View Post
You misunderstand. There is a junction in Buchanan Co. That has tricolor lights, not PLs converted to CPLs but three vertical lights, for some reason. I should get a picture.
I doubt it was originally equipped as such, as Ron mentioned, the entire signaled portion of the Buchanan branch was all PL/CPL's when signaled. Signals were replaced as needed with tri-light signals starting in the late 80's. An odd example would be the intermediate signal on the Pokey main at Flat top. It is a cantilever signal where the EB aspect is a CPL and the WB aspect is a tri-light which looks like something off the Southern. The one you are referring to was likely replaced due to a derailment or something, happened all the time. But NS really started replacing them in earnest in the late 90's through today.
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