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I agree with the 100 channel scanner, I have one myself. I can't remember the site I went to, but I just searched for "AAR RR radio frequency" or something like that and found all the info I needed. RR's use channels #2 (159.810)- chan #97 (161.565) , starting from chan 97, the freq, decreases by .015 mHz per channel, chan 96 is 161.550, 95 is 161.535, and so on (this stagger stops at chan 4, chan 3 is 159.930 and 4 is 160.050). there are also 2 frequencies you can "hear" FRED's on, 452.9375 and 457.9375, very useful for hearing a train coming when they aren't talking. you'll only pick up a fred when it's within about 2-3 miles, it just sounds like a static- like chirp, but it's very distinctive. I'll hold on this channel and use the "priority" feature to listen in on the "talking" channel I'm near.
Another thing to be aware of is some RR's use repeaters in large yards. For example, in Northtown, they transmit on channel 20, but recieve on 82, as there's a tower in the middle of the yard that can pick up the portables and re-broadcast them on 82, so handheld radio's can talk to each other from miles apart.
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