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Originally Posted by MDH View Post
From the upload page itself:

So I take that to mean they want railroad and symbol, and generally the "simple" version of the symbol, i.e. for the CSX ones the full symbol would be Q52213 (Q522 of the 13th) but I generally leave off the date part. Likewise there's more to NS symbols that NS 20E but I usually don't know the rest without guessing so I leave it off. It also makes for more consistent searching if you can find all the Q522's without a mess of Q52213, Q52214, etc. Identifying the railroad in the symbol field can make some sense - especially for foreign moves or trackage rights trains (i.e. CSX Z247 is CN 383 on the CSX Toledo Terminal and while both Z247 and 383 are "correct" it's more clear when you identify which railroad the symbol relates to).

At least that's my understanding.

Michael, thanks for chiming in. To me the main issue is that almost everyone who posts Pam Am shots doesn't add initials before symbols, so if I were to start doing that, it hurt the the search results when someone clicks on a symbol to view more shots of that train. For example, the Pan Am symbol NMED has 53 photos that just say NMED without any initials. There are only nine shots in the database that say PAR NMED (which is inaccurate), and there are only two that say the technically accurate ST NMED. So to me, unless someone goes through every Pan Am/Guilford shot and puts an ST in front of each symbol, it makes the most sense leave initials out for the sake of search results.
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