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Default Even at Facebook, audience too small for a proper contest

Ever catch Trains Magazine's "Trackside with Trains" weekly contest?

A bunch of regulars and a sprinkling of guests enter a themed contest which viewers "vote" for their favorite image. If nothing else, it's great to see what "themes" you've missed in your own collection, but as far as "best pic", seems even FB has too small an audience to overcome "most linked" /please vote for my pic even if you don't think it's the best:

Last week's theme: "Containers" - winner, nice shot, though last photo I'd have chosen for the theme at hand. Alex Mayes had a winner a couple of weeks back for "Glass" - his shot from inside a full length dome was better then my shot of an engineer a glow in orange looking out the glass window of #611. Yet, the winner? No doubt, most campaigned.

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