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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
100000000000000% percent

Not fixing the lens generated distortion is lazy.. change my mind

Loyd L.
Generally speaking, I agree. I know some very good photographers who habitually end up with leaning verticals at the edges. Unless they happen to LIKE that, I agree that they should take take the extra minute or two to address that issue. The one situation in which I would cut them some slack is on a really wide shot, where the frame barely covered all of the essential elements, and doing full perspective correction would result in the loss of elements, or cut-off elements. If the scene is compelling enough and the only way they could render it is by accepting the lens distortion, then I am good with it. I think I've had that happen a couple of times to me. I always try to have a super-wide lens (like 14-24mm) with me, just in case I see something cool in a very confined space which requires the width. I've had some images that I shot with the 14-24 that just weren't correctable without losing the impact of the image.

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