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[quote=J-M Frybourg;196264]Another historic shot that can only get access to RPN because it is American:
According to RPN standards that RPN team has put in writing in this forum, this picture has way too many defects for being accepted:
- High sun
- Front and back coupled
- Poor esthetic quality

It may have gotten accepted because of who shot it, as he has a ton of excellent photos posted here. And that is not to put him down, of course, but ... do the screeners play favorites? (I'm not sure they do, as one of the top photographers here in terms of quantity - and quality - told me he quit a few years ago because he was getting too many rejections. And he knows better than to post a subpar photo anywhere.

I get a lot of rejects, and a few get reversed on appeal. But sometimes the rejections seem fairly arbitrary, particularly when a "can't miss" shot gets rejected and the next photo, submitted because there is a 20% chance it might squeak through, gets accepted.

As for captions, and the lack thereof, I really dislike photos without even the basic information. At least on this site, locations are required. I wouldn't care if the caption is in another language - it can be translated if the viewer wants.

But I am surprised at how often the dates are missing, particularly on digital shots taken the month that they were posted! Really? You cannot remember when you took that photo in the last 20 days? Or check the photo's timestamp? (I suspect that some are leaving the day off deliberately, although the possible the reason for that eludes me.)

And, yes, the rejections have driven some of the best photographers I know to quit posting here. These are guys who have photos in Trains Magazine regularly, but get rejected here. One of them was a photojournalist for years, and I have never seen a photo of his that I didn't wish I'd taken. They get irritated that a nameless screener didn't feel the photo fit their aesthetic, as it as artistic, had human interest, was technically flawless in composition, exposure and sharpness, could never be repeated today, etc. And after their negative experiences here, they rarely even visit this site. Which is too bad, as they would add a lot here.

As for Monsieur Frybourg's comment regarding an American bias ... I have no doubt about that, if only because the screeners know what is rare or historic if it is a North American photo, but I suspect they do not have enough knowledge non-North American railroading to know. Which is a shame, as these photos would drive viewers from the rest of the world, and get the site's numbers up. And isn't that the point?
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