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With regards to the color on the IC photos - I've had issues, not to that degree, in the past. I wonder if it's the color space? Unknowingly, while experimenting with Lightroom, I did not realize I was working in a different color space vs Bridge/ Photoshop.

It looked good on my screen and crappy on RP - yet, it happened to look nice on my I-phone. Adobe RGB vs Adobe sRGB.

As for favorites and rejections - the screeners should be more consistent (who used to always say that?), but with multiple screeners and multiple moods over periods of screening - some get through that should've been KINDLY rejected.

Better too many slip through than none at all - it's easy to scroll past.

No doubt, those were "grandfathered" in, due to age despite an easy fix - or maybe not so easy if they looked perfectly fine to either then poster or screener.


By the way - "auto" anything can be your friend - if for no other reason than to "proof" your shot. Like spell check, you don't need to abide to the results!
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