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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
I suspect that folks may be mistaken in assuming that's ONLY "raison d'etre" is to simply showcase the best quality photos on the net, from a technical perspective. While I think that's what they generally aim for, we all need to keep reminding ourselves that is not a hobby for the site owners, it's a business. It costs money to rent servers, storage and networking. And while it may be a noble goal to aim for high quality, they also have to aim for what they know pulls in the views, which keeps the advertisers happy and the revenue flowing in. Over time, I think that the owners have studied the performance of the material being posted and determined that a relatively small percentage of contributors bring in much more than their share of the total site views. With that knowledge, they might easily make the decision to waive the "submission guidelines" in some cases for those contributors, knowing that on average, those contributors are going to make them some money.

While I would agree that the shot being discussed is not among the contributor's best submissions, the gentleman has brought over 16 million views to the site, and the evidence definitely suggests that his scans of legacy railroad photos are extremely popular. The shot in question, with all of its faults, has over 9,000 views.....a lot more than the one I submitted today will ever get. As long his "technical zingers" don't become the norm, I suspect that the site owners are more than willing to hold their nose once in a while, because in general, his stuff is bringing home the bacon.
Yeah, but why does the better submission from 2013 have fewer than 10,000 views, while this poorer submission has more than 10,000 views? Baffling.
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