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Default A Rejection Again ! A Confused Soul on Exposure

I am here again thoroughly confused on RailPictures evaluation of a specific photograph for Exposure. I like to keep my photographs bright and nice, however when I started to submit my photographs to RP, I submit them by slightly underexposing them and today I have been caught between Under and Over Exposure game with 2 of my submissions rejected

Rejected for being underexposed

[photoid= 1642131]

Rejected for being overexposed

[photoid= 1642204]

Between these 2 photographs, the EV probably is 1/2 a stop and when I look at the second image on my monitor it seems to be ok to me.

The question that I have is, how do I get the exposure correct in PostProcessing and is it worthwhile to go for the 3rd submission for this specific photograph ?

Please advice.

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