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Originally Posted by htgguy
I take it that the orange in the first one does not have the "pop" that it should? I try not to get carried away with saturation, and this one looked pretty true to life to my eye. I try not to get carried away with the saturation on these shots.
Jim, it definitely looks as if you SHOULD get carried away with the saturation. I noticed that on another one of your shots, and I'll post a comparison of one of mine in similar light (same sky, same sun angle, just a little earlier in the day):

Image © Jim Ramnes
PhotoID: 266738
Photograph © Jim Ramnes

Image © Jim Thias
PhotoID: 230721
Photograph © Jim Thias

Don't be afraid to bump up the saturation a bit to make the BNSF orange pop. It may be your monitor isn't calibrated correctly, either. I've noticed on a quite a few of your BNSF shots that the orange just looks a bit flat or washed out.
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This pretty much sums it up:
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