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Default Composition (Balance) - Track Crew and Acela

I had taken the following shot of track workers in front of a passing Acela at the Trenton Transit Center back in March. Obviously, the lighting was less-than-optimal, but I thought the track crew made for an interesting element that differentiated it from an everyday scene.

The following submission was not rejected for an exposure issue, but rather composition/balance:

I know it's fully possible that this just ends up being one for the personal collection. However, I'd appreciate thoughts anybody might have on compensating for the composition issue. Even if this image can't be "saved," I know it could have value as a reference point with a different shot at a future date.

As you can see from the attachment, this image is a cropped version of the original. I can adjust the crop in any direction to help to compensate for the issue, except right, where a switch/signal box would start to intrude. My concern with adding more to the left would be a that I'm including more of a retaining wall in shadow that doesn't add much detail to the image.

Finally, as an aside, this image is a great reminder of how quickly things can change. A new switch box has been installed at the west end of the platform I shot this from, so it's no longer possible to capture such a scene from this vantage point.
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