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Default Indiana Rail Road and semaphores-- no more!

Those of you that browse the photo pages have certainly seen the shots of the Indiana Rail Road operating its trackage rights train to Louisville via the south end of the old Monon, which is CSX's Hoosier Sub. What had been rumor for the last few months has come to pass-- the trains are no longer running. Traffic that moved on these trains from INRD's Hiawatha Yard will now be forwarded to Senate Avenue Yard for interchange to the Louisville & Indiana RR for movement south to Louisville.

CSX pulled their last remaining locals from the line earlier this year, leaving the INRD HWLV/LVHW trains as the last traffic on the line. There is no firm word on what CSX intends on doing with the Hoosier Sub, but it may become home to miles of storage cars in the mean time, in addition to what's already there.
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