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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
Yes, if the shot is the simplest of roster/wedgies and it doesn't have full nose light, RP does not want that shot and you are wasting your time and screener's time submitting it. RP simply does not like that category of shots! Sure, some will get on, but it's a big negative factor for RP.
So it might be acceptable if its say a drone shot of even common power or location? As I said I've had this rejection for photos that are not even near backlit. As a rule of thumb if the thumbnail looks a bit dark on the nose I don't submit the photo. I guess there has to be almost no tonal variation from front to side. The lighting for side and of heritage consist is among best of any photo I've taken but seems to count as nothing here. So it looks like I have to get even more fussy about what I submit. Of course, another screener might have accepted it but it's not worth the risk trying that.
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