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Cool Multiple issues

Originally Posted by ShortlinesUSA View Post
Other issues I see:

1. Cropped way too tight.
2. Large distracting foreground shadow.
3. Angle too nosy placing emphasis on the shadowed nose rather than the very interesting equipment in the consist.
4. No conveyance of any sort of action (that is, train appears parked).

I realize some (if not all) of these factors are beyond your control based on the placement of the equipment and surrounding obstructions, let alone the limits of direction and how much the sun does (or does not) move throughout the day in New Zealand.

So there are compounding issues to the shadowed nose, IMO. There would be a lot to overcome to get this one into the database.
Well said. I think there is a tendency to look at rejections in one dimension when often there are multiple issues going on.
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