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Originally Posted by John Russell - NZ View Post
So it might be acceptable if its say a drone shot of even common power or location?
An unusual angle is like any other case where a shot is special/different in some regard; the screeners give leeway. Yours is the most standard of wedgie/roster angles. On RP, that makes the threshold higher.

The lighting for side and of heritage consist is among best of any photo I've taken but seems to count as nothing here.
Putting aside heritage, the lighting for side is no way near among the best of any photo of yours.

Image © John Russell
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Photograph © John Russell

If you mean it's the best lit roster shot of heritage, that may be so, but the issues pointed out by others apply. And the screener is unlikely to know it is heritage because it is non-US. At any rate, if it were a shot of US heritage, it would be rejected.
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