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Originally Posted by MassArt Images View Post
I had to take off my reading glasses to see if they were badly smudged. Nope; Guess a new category is in order.
Image © Greg Brubaker
PhotoID: 701749
Photograph © Greg Brubaker

I've looked at your photo history here, and your oldest photo was shot on a digital camera, so I am assuming that you have never scanned a slide or tried to process one. It is a lot more challenging than processing a RAW or a digital JPEG file. I have processed a ton of slide scans, and a couple dozen RAW images that I have posted on this site.

I shot mostly Kodachrome 25 and 64, and I have developed a process for balancing sharpness and the noise that invades the images as slide scans are sharpened. When I come across one of my "odd" rolls (Kodachrome 200, Echtachrome 200, Agfachrome 64, and Fujichrome), a brand new challenge faces me in achieving that balance, and I have to spend a lot more time that the ~15-20 minutes I spend on a K25 scan.

The photographer has posted a question about this issue in the thread previous to this one, indicating that he is struggling with different non-Kodachrome image. With that knowledge I am willing to give this image a pass, It's easy to have a sharp scanned image with a lot of noise, and it's also easy to have a noiseless image that isn't sharp. As long as the photographer is pursuing better quality images, I will overlook a few transgressions along the way.
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