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Originally Posted by bigiron View Post
Sorry for using yours Alex, but having over 800 photos in the database your experience should be telling you this is a shot that should of got the "foreground clutter" at the minimum and have been kept for personnel use IMO. Seeing you have a drone, taking from the other side with just a tree would've been a bit better but still sometimes you just have to draw the line.
Image © Alex Gillman
PhotoID: 718049
Photograph © Alex Gillman

I don't own a drone, but have thought of getting one for (very) occasional use when I just could not find a camera position to capture a pleasing composition. In my view, a drone is a replacement for an overpass or a little hill that I wish were there. If the result ends up looking like I was flying, I would consider it a failure. There are most definitely a plethora of images on this site that not only make me wonder: "Why did you take that shot?", but also: "What made you think that a drone would make it more appealing?"

I think both questions apply to this one.

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