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Originally Posted by fuente1
Caleb, those photos are awesome and it looks like you guys found some really nice trinkets. This is the type of photography and exploration that we need more of in a world filled with boring Dash-9's.
Thanks. It's amazing that all that stuff (what little of it we did find) was still there seeing as the rails have been gone for over 40 years. We also found the remains of a telltale about 250' or so beyond the south portal of Tunnel 7. We could've carried it back to the truck with us, but that would've been a little cumbermsome for 6 mile hike. A GRS (General Railway Signal) relay was also found in the dirt near a pair of signal bases between Tunnels 7 and 8.

I'm a big history buff, so I thought the trip was a neat experience. We also did one of these last year and drove along the old right of way near New River, TN and found Tunnel 14. I added those shots to the page, as well as shots of Tunnels 23 and 24 at Nemo, TN.

I cant even begin to imagine what the railroaders faced when going thru those tunnels with steam locomotives with open cabs back in the early days. Now ya know why bandanas were so popular! Beautiful ROW as well.
I'd love to hear stories about that, but it's probably hard to find any railroaders from that era that are still alive. I have read that CNO&TP crews would wrap wet towels around their head when going through the longer tunnels to keep cool due to the temperatures rising over 100 degrees. It's a lot worse when you're in a tight space like that.
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