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Default OS and Detector report: Washago Sept. 23rd

CN201 - CN2654-CN5362 89 Cars Clear of signal 891 at 1322
CN105 - CN2655-CN2529 85 Cars Clear of Rama Road at 1410
CN107 - CN2560-BCIT4615 82 Cars Clear of Rama Road at 1518
CN103 - CN5411-CN5421 84 Cars Clear of Rama Road at 1553
CN301 - CN2519-CN5384 CN Detector at Mile 87 Bala sub reported axle faults between axles 290-396, Stopped on main at Rama Road for about an hour, faulty cars: TTGX 921740-TTGX850124, air cut out on both cars, 90 cars Clear of Rama Road at 1737
CN450 - CN5692-BCIT4611-CN5553 78 Cars Clear of Rama Road at 1747
CN451 - CN5794-CN5735-CN5619 Stopped at signal 891 with no train for 12 new TGBO's, No Car count, clear of signal 891 at 1825
Power arrived at signal 891-1812-Dep-1815
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