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Originally Posted by MichaelJ
I think the RailPictures Guidlines have tightened up over the years. As they've grown, developed a reputation for quality photos, the standard has been raised.
Agreed...I've experienced this firsthand, and have been sending pictures to post since 2003. With each passing year I get a larger number of rejections. Sometimes the reasons appear to be subjective canned responses, while others are specific like "we don't accept cloudy day photos of common equipment." Pretty hard to send all-sunny pix, when Seattle is mostly cloudy year-round. Last year I posted a picture of a crossing gate in Cokato MN with tank cars rolling past it at 45 mph; it was rejected "because we just don't accept those types of photos here." Within months I saw a photo that was very similar posted on I've taken shadow shots of locomotives that have gotten rejected, while shadow shots of locomotives by other members get awards. Why? I really couldn't say other than the sunny day rule, or that I just suck at taking pictures...

I've learned much from what I've seen online at, and am thankful for about half of the feedback I've received when uploading photos. But I think I've probably hit a creative wall; my pictures aren't improving enough to make it on the site anymore. I will never consider myself a professional, but I will say that I have worked hard to take photos in a fashion that the website would like. My efforts - and my equipment - do not appear to match the focus of the site any longer. It is what it is. So I've started my own website and also begun posting on rrpicturearchives. I'll send photos to from time to time when I think I've "got a good one," but no longer do I count on getting it published there. If I get a rejection, then I put the photo on my website instead.

Maybe choosing the fate of my own online photos is the greatest lesson I've learned here.
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