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With all due respect, WetRails, "Cokato MN" is seriously overexposed and "shadow shots" is a dull composition and overexposed, nowhere close in quality to those shots that "get awards.". I suspect that you would benefit greatly by spending more time at RP, developing an eye for what makes a good picture. Make use of these forums for feedback, they are excellent.

Don't get me wrong, your "choosing the fate" point is right on and ultimately you should shoot what you want to shoot in the way you want to shoot it. But based on the two shots (only!), I also think you have a lot to learn, especially in terms of knowing what makes a good shot. If you can't tell why these two were rejected, you do not have an eye for shots, in my view.

Regarding Seattle, I sympathize. I have a number of shots from there (I visit my in-laws from time to time) which are composed and exposed well enough for RP but the light simply was not adequate to the task. Overcast, overcast, overcast. I've only gotten in two, both despite the bad light. Frustrating.
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