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I'm glad Wet Rails didn't take his ball and go home. Sticking around and getting past the personal hurt over a rejection is the way to learn. It stings at first, but then you find out that failure is actually the first step on the road to improvement.

Regarding my comment that his "Cokato-MN" shot was over-exposed, he responded

Pointed to the east they came out like the tank car pic. It's the best photo out of 4 or 5 that I took at that crossing. I personally don't see overexposure, because it's exactly how the light was that day.
This is where you can learn from having others help you. You don't see overexposure, since you remember the day being gray like that, but look closely at the snow. It's solid white, with no detail. Even on the grayest of days, there are some shadows in the surface irregularities of snow and they will show up, if properly exposed. ALso, look at the tank cars. The car bodies are gray in the photo, not black, as they should be. Finally, look at the sky. There is no detail at all. Even on a gray day, there is some texture that should show up. It's all blown out to white.

Maybe it's because I had an enjoyable day and the shot is a nice reminder...who knows. It's okay if I'm the only one who likes the photo
Bottom line, that's why we all take pictures and if you like the shot, then that's fine. Just accept the fact that the rest of us are basing our judgement just on what we see in the image. We don't have the great memories that go with the photo. That's a lesson we all had to learn.

Michael Allen
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