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Originally Posted by WetRailsWA
It's the best photo out of 4 or 5 that I took at that crossing. I personally don't see overexposure, because it's exactly how the light was that day - and typically my Olympus C4040 defaults to a darker picture.
Sounds like you're letting your camera set the exposure, rather than you. I know it may be troublesome to adjust the exposure on the C4040, if it's even possible. But once you start manually adjusting your exposure, you'll become more aware and in turn become a better photographer. If it's at all possible, I highly recommend getting a SLR, digital or not.
That way if a shot is improperly exposed, you won't have the camera to blame, only yourself. After 30 years of shooting, I think you deserve to use a SLR and some better photos.
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