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First of all, great to see that you are taking a positive attitude toward all of this. You will be producing better pictures soon!

Originally Posted by WetRailsWA
I truly believe there is a gift involved with photography, just like someone might have the gift of music (my wife) or even gab for that matter (her step-mom).
There is a gift, I believe, in having a strong vision of composition. Many don't have that gift. As a result, you see many ordinary "wedgie" shots at RP and elsewhere. Just check my hard disk!

Nonetheless, wedgies are still pleasant to look at and people who like trains like to see pictures of trains. So they are perfectly fine, no matter how "un-artistic" the composition. But one wants to see them properly exposed and processed. That part of photography is not art and involves no gift, just knowledge properly applied. That, you (and I!) can work on; there is a lot to accomplish in that aspect of photography, and the results are worth it. A few months or years down the road you can compare the shots you have had rejected today with similar shots from the same spot, and you will see your own improvement.

The thing that boggles my mind is that a person can put hours of thought, planning, and editing into a digital photo and still get a response like this quote, which assumes that the shooter picked up a 27-shot disposable and tried to create art.
Maybe belaboring the point, but the reason you got the responses you did is because your stuff did look like you picked up a disposable. Perhaps your hours of planning, etc., went to waste because you don't yet have a basic set of technical photography skills. Thankfully, those can be aquired by anyone, no matter their "gifts" or lack thereof.

I look forward to seeing your stuff get better and better and showing up in the database with regularity.
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