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Originally Posted by a231pacific
I sort of like and sort of don't like the shot. It's well composed and exposed and I like the train and the scenery, but just don't like the orange air hoses in the foreground. They draw the eye away from the rest of the shot with their bright color. I wonder if Janusz framed his shot the way he did because of those hoses?

RP probably would hit you for being back lit, but I happen to like back lit shots, so I'm not the one to advise you there!

Michael Allen
Honestly, this was shot a few years ago, I was a bit less creative and less skilled then, and I suspect all I was doing was trying to get the train and the elevator in the frame; I probably would not have noticed the hoses, much less thought about them as an element of the image. Today, as a matter of personal preference, I tend to like details like hoses even though they may be detrimental to the image in non-railfan compositional terms. I like capturing the rail infrastructure detail - not that I DO it often, but I LIKE to!

As for Wet's image, of course RP is likely to kick it because of the backlighting, but it is very nice for the personal collection; remember not to shoot just for RP but also for yourself. One comment, however, the lead engine is directly overlapping the top of the elevator, detracting from the presense of the latter and creating a bit of lack of separation of elements of the image. And especially since it's such a cool elevator!

Wet, and anyone else, at in the left column near the top you can find another image from that visit. Although almost certainly not RP-worthy, I am somewhat fond of it and think of it as an abstract study in lines and gray. Another abstract is attached; if I had not chopped off the truck on the right I would be happier with it.
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