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I find it to be useful in the crowded East where there are a lot of roads and less useful in regions where there isn't much infrastructure. I wonder if Delorme's topo maps show National Forest roads; that would be very helpful in states that have a lot of logging activity. It could prove valuable for historical research too; old ROW's have a good habit of staying on the maps for a long, long, time. I got to witness an interesting usage of GPS in South America (where stealing native lands is almost as popular as it is here), handheld units where given to members of various Indian Tribes who would bookmark their positions every so many hours to document which land they really did use. The country we were in hasn't been mapped well at all, so the project also yielded up some good info for the cartographers. This was all on a budget of less than a thousand U.S. for a project that spanned months and months.
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