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Originally Posted by ShortlinesUSA View Post
I've yet to see a paint scheme look bad on these units, even if I can't stand it on anything else. Case in point-- I am by no means a fan of Pan Am Railways' new paint scheme (I still even call them Guilford, but that comes from airline background and hangups with calling them Pan Am out of respect for the airline), but somehow figured it would manage to look great even in that paint scheme.

Here's a first look at the recently repainted MEC 604, an ex TFM SD40-2:

So, let's see the other "little black dresses" from some other shortlines and regionals. All hail the SD40-2!!!
Looking at that photo the first thought that came to mind was "Missouri Pacific", even moreso since the MEC 604 lacks dynamic brakes. Personally I look more forward to seeing the 3 SD45 carbodies and 1 snoot SD40-2 repainted than I do the SD40 carbodies and "standard" SD40-2's. Out of the 10 units Pan Am bought, there are 5 distinct varieties in the group!

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