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Default Bad Angle Question

Good afternoon (Or Good Morning for those out west)

I would welcome some input for a pair of rejections that were dinged for "Bad Angle". I haven't had this reason before. For those who haven't had it, the rejection text reads "The angle from which the image was composed is poor. This can include extreme angles below or above the subject, uninteresting angles on roster shots, and images in which the train is going away from the viewer."

The shots aren't taken from an extreme angle above or below. The are not roster shots. They aren't going away shots.

If the screener was unhappy with the composition or felt the leg of the signal bridge detracted from the photos, I could live with that. But I just don't get the "Bad Angle" rejection.

They aren't the most amazing or original shots and I can live with them not being in the database. I'm just trying to understand the rejection reason.

Many thanks!
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