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Not so fast, Mr. Medlin.

The Soo Line Railroad is still a holding company. The engine is SOO 6034. The reporting marks have not changed, thus the engine is still SOO 6034. Riiiiight? So, identifying the lead unit by railroad (which is what they want), it is a Soo Line locomotive.

SD9, the CN doesn't change reporting marks when repainting power, and many of their long-term leased power was given WC, GTW, and IC reporting marks in the past. People seemed to only look at the CN logo and assume it's a CN engine, which it is not. If it says IC under the cab, it's an IC engine. It's not there for show, it means something. Yet so many just say it's CN 6924, or CN 6122, etc.

The future is uncertain, so take the shots now.

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