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I was being mostly facetious anyway. I'm with you. The Canadian Pacific still owns the engine. The Soo Line only exists on paper.
Also you are incorrect. They do not want the lead unit identified by railroad. They want it identified by the railroad to which the lead unit belongs. Reporting marks stay the same, but railroad does not. For example the WC #6900. Should read Canadian National's WC #6900.
I personally have had a problem with those trying to tell us to turn railroad photography into an "art form." It's fine for them to do so, I welcome it in fact, but what I do have a problem with is that the practitioners of the more "arty" shots, I have found, tend to look down their nose's at others who are shooting more "mundane" shots.
Railroad photography is what you make of it, but one way is not "better" than another, IMHO. Unless you have a pole right thought the nose of the engine! -SG
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