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Originally Posted by coborn35 View Post
No! You are wrong. Read the RP rules. Its really not that hard. Its one sentence. Read it. My word.
I dont care if the unit is purple, green and polka dotted with orange zig zags and the reporting marks DMIRWCGTWEJEBLE #26364782828464.
If the CN owns it, thats the railroad you list it under!
Nope. I want people to be able to see my picture of a SOO LINE SD60 if they click SOO LINE on the drop down. RP is all about views. And if I click Wisconsin Central I want to see WC engines.

By your logic engines on long term lease should be identified as such too. Meaning the WC SDL39's, most if not all of the WC SD45's, the SOO MP15AC's, and countless others that are technically not owned by their operating railroad should be identified as their paper owner.

It comes down to reporting marks. Each railroad has an assigned reporting mark(s), and for the benefit of not having a ridiculous musical chair game of finding a friggin picture depending on the year it was taken, we should just label the engine as what railroad it's reporting marks show.

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