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I like the selective color photo. I really have no problems with the photoshopped material getting accepted as of lately, but I do have problems if they're only allowing this for certain contributors. Many have told me that it's pretty obvious that photoshopped material will get accepted, as long as the "wow" factor overpowers the photos technical flaws, per the RP guideline system.

While I suppose that's OK, I think proper mentioning of it needs to be made in the guidelines so there aren't any flame wars and I think this should apply to all contributors, too. Certainly not fair to only allow a select few to "push the limit' and the rest get dinged with overprocessed/digitally manipulated.

Infact, they should almost do away with the overprocessed/manipulated rejection, as it contradicts with the accepted material. Again, sure, if the occasional exception to that rejection prompts something to be accepted, it seems many try to follow to see if they, too, can "push the limit" of acceptable and unacceptable with the screeners.

It's almost like a photoshopped/manipulated version of the PEQ. It's a subjective rejection, that could be given if the screener is not "wowed" enough by your photo. If he doesn't like it, he has the overprocessed/manipulated rejection to fall back on.

Perhaps I'm reading too much into it..

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