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Originally Posted by Wonka001 View Post
Lol, do you have their phone numbers, call the rain back to water the ground, catch a break in the clouds for the sun to show..

Thanks for the ideas fellas. I guess if I would have been there a few minutes earlier a train was just leaving the station to head to Ogden..

But I would like to know what the screeners were thinking as well.. with no excuse kind of makes one wonder.
This is the actual reason why getting good pictures is fun for me, because it is so hard. So many elements have to come together and you have to be within shootable range at exactly the right moment.

When it does happen it's great. When it doesn't happen, you just have to try again.

Yes, it will rain there again and the sun will come out with the ground still wet and there will be workers on the platform and there will be a train on the near track. Will you be there when all that happens? Who knows. But think how cool it will be if you are and you nail the shot.
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