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Originally Posted by 4kV
M, I would not even upload it today. I guess my standards have evolved just as the website's have.
I am glad to see someone make that statement. Our standards have increased a great deal since RP first came online. I can look back through my early stuff and find material that I wouldnt even dream of posting today. I know of several folks (including myself) that have went back and weeded out a lot of "sub-par" shots to rid the site of stuff that doesn't meet the higher standards, and in the process they have presented a better idea of thier best work. I have Three or Four racks of CD's sitting here on the puter desk that contain a lot of shots that wont ever see RP...They are worth saving, but not my best work. If more folks could understand this and only upload the cream of thier crop, we would have a LOT less of these bitch sessions (not that this thread all know what I mean) on the forums!
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