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'Funky' has some negative connotations. Maybe 'dramatic' would be a better adjective, but obviously I'm a little biased.

The photo works because the top lighting makes the locomotive stand out from a rather bland background, but there is still enough background lighting to show the train and the S-curve it just cleared. Would I get the same effect if my lighting were more uniform?

I'm not sure about lack of contrast. There are strong highlights, and I'm surprised how much detail is rendered in the shadows - you can still see detail the front of the locomotive, including its snowplow. Any more contrast, and all that would be lost.

I'd love to have had the signals lit up, but CSX's signal department didn't get my email.

I knew getting this accepted was a long shot, but sometimes you get lucky. I didn't shoot it to please the screeners. They can say what is an acceptable photograph for, but that doesn't give them a monopoly on photography.
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