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Originally Posted by lock4244 View Post
I'll be coming from Erie on the first day, so I may be better served to head to Conneaut and head south looking for the train. Second day I'll be overnighting in Meadville, so likely would be able to be in Greenville pretty early. If day one went well on the BLE, I may concentrate on the WNYP. Then again, if day one went well, I just may want to go back for seconds!

Thanks for the great information, guys... been putting off a stab at the BLE for too long.
It's been a few years since I've shot the BLE, but I would highly recommend driving the extra 40 mins to Greensville instead of Conneaut. Like has been pounded into the ground already, its the only place they will 100% for sure be running.

Two or three times when I went up there, the pervious day's crew brought a loaded train down to Greenville, so the morning crew just tied on and shot south. On those days, the train didn't end up making into Conneaut until the mid/late afternoon!
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