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Originally Posted by John Russell - NZ View Post
A recent technical glitch with this site caused me to think more about what might happen, including the owners giving up or selling the site. I'm not sure if it's individual/ company ownership or a trust (bearing in mind it's volunteer ran.) I'd like to think there is good IT management in place as I don't like the thought that one day the photos and albums I've spent hundreds of hours making could disappear for technical reasons. I consider RPN as one of the most precious rail photo archives in the world - and an awesome global community for train photography. Long may it live! Thanks everyone.
As far as anyone knows, the site is jointly owned by Chris Starnes and Chris Kilroy, who are also two of the five screeners. We know little of the IT management. Many years ago someone who is IT-knowledgeable pointed out, IIRC as it has been many years now, some deficiencies in things like password security. I have no idea if changes needed to or have been made.

Over the years there have been any number of complaints about any number of issues. One example that comes to mind, as it has been happening for years, at least in my standard Firefox browser, for any shot making the Top of Last 24 Hours the thumbnail appears stretched horizontally. Anyway, I suspect many long time users would agree that the site has been in long term static mode for some time now. Owners are rarely heard from in the forums.

What that means for storage/backup, I have no idea. Many years ago, an owner did mention in the forums about server/storage costs or some such. I don't recall the details.
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