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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post

On my 50D the switch is bottom center of the back. On my 70D it is part of the dial on top, left side. Are those both the wrong side? Inquiring minds want to know! You have more screener's choices than I do!
On all of the Nikons, the On/Off Switch is located on the top of the front side of the grip. It is perfectly positioned so that when you reach for your camera with your right hand, you can "draw and get the safety off" with your index finger as you bring it up to your eye. I never understood Canon putting the On/Off switch on the back of the camera at the top left. Unless you're a lefty, the camera is still off until you get the second hand on it.

Another odd thing.....and Canon shooters can feel free to correct me if I am wrong, is that Canons don't make it easy to select the focus point on the fly. With my Nikons, I can use the "joystick" on the back of the camera to select whatever focus point I want while I am shooting.

The only Canon Feature that I wish Nikon would adopt is the "big wheel" for reviewing photos. That wheel is a lot more effective for reviewing shots quickly than Nikon's joystick. But I would never accept that wheel as a substitute for my shutter speed thumbwheel, and on the Canons, the big wheel apparently is also used to control shutter speed. To me, that wheel is in a very awkward spot when the camera is up to your eye.

All a matter of what you are used to, I guess..... I am keeping my Nikons.

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