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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Another odd thing.....and Canon shooters can feel free to correct me if I am wrong, is that Canons don't make it easy to select the focus point on the fly. With my Nikons, I can use the "joystick" on the back of the camera to select whatever focus point I want while I am shooting.
I think you are wrong about this. Hard for me to remember, but I think one scrolls through the focus points with the top roller. It seems easy enough. If one has a body with 60+ focus points, on the other hand, that would be cumbersome. I don't know how those bodies are set up.

The only Canon Feature that I wish Nikon would adopt is the "big wheel" for reviewing photos. That wheel is a lot more effective for reviewing shots quickly than Nikon's joystick. But I would never accept that wheel as a substitute for my shutter speed thumbwheel, and on the Canons, the big wheel apparently is also used to control shutter speed. To me, that wheel is in a very awkward spot when the camera is up to your eye.
Perhaps you are using the terms "big wheel" and "thumbwheel" differently than I do, or the language is different in Nikon land. I control the shutter with my thumb on the back wheel and aperture with the (smaller) top roller and my index finger. Or is it the opposite? Hmm, I was just out last night shooting and already I don't remember. At any rate, two wheels, two fingers, it works readily enough.

I'm sure if I had started with Nikon years ago, I would do it that way and not have a care in the world.
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