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Finally some good news for the Conway to Myrtle Beach line. High volume traffic will be returning when Vulcan Materials, which switched to trucking in 2000 after Carolina Southern raised their rates per ton, wants to reopen their plant outside of Conway.

Latest news that an ordanance annexing the site to the City of Conway, and zoning it as heavy industrial, passed first reading and will require one more reading to go into effect.

Reports are that a SRO crowd including residents of Wild Wing, which is adjacent to the plant site, came out to voice their concerns about noise and other pollution from the plant.

During the 15 years Vulcan operated their plant at that location, 1985-2000, I never heard of any complaints from Wild Wing residents.

But, I'm glad they came out and expressed their opinions, and hope to find a video of the City Council Meeting.

I'm hoping thieir fears will be unfounded.

Although Vulcan switched to trucking at that location in 2000, they were also dis-satisfied with weight restrictions on the Waccamaw River Drawbridge which prevented them from loading their cars as heavily as they wanted to.

I'm hoping that with RJCorman having its own bridge engineers that this problem can be solved, so Vulcan can better ship their products.
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