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Your sunset shot's profile is blended in with the rest of the dark elements of the picture. On the shot below, there is no down as to what the silhouette is, because that is the only dark element in the picture. When looking at your thumbnail, and even the picture itself, it's hard to tell without studying the picture if you are looking at a train or a distant hillside. The rule I like to follow is just that.... when doing a silhouette, try to make the subject of your silhouette the only dark element surrounded by the background light, aside from any relevant ground or other structures. If darker elements blend in with your silhouette, it does not jump out at you as well.

Comparing the middle shot to your silhouette, I would say the palm trees are much catchier. You are drawn to want to click on it from the thumbnail, whereas the silhouette shot looks at first like some sky, a pond, and something hard to define in the middle.

Click on for a good laugh and waste of your time.

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