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What are you looking for in your photos, comments or views numbers? View numbers are great, but once a photo gets any type of award it's really irrelevant because they always skyrocket after that. Certain other photos always get high numbers IE: yard shots, derailments and bizarre lighting.

But as one of our glorious leaders here once told me, basically forget the view count and look who's comments on your photos. Personally I like a balance. I've noticed the longer I've been here and the more I'm known my view count average per photo has gone up quite a bit, but I still enjoy comments.

My problem, if it is one, I was told I take some of the best standard train shots the site gets, but non-standard/outside the box photos I rarely take. I think part of that is due to the area I'm in, the trains become the focus here over the scenery or extras in the photos.

Your photos have always been good and I'm seeing some variation lately. So I've always been a fan even if I don't comment as much as I should. Keep your chin up!

One last thing I should say, is why one shot get more views than another? Can you get enough from a thumbnail or do you need a larger image to see what's happening? That's a big part of view count.
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