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Your sunset shot is really quite nice, but this past week there have been two sunset shots sitting as #2 & #3 PCA's on the home page. As has been pointed out, sunset shots have become a bit of a cliche. When a batch of really good ones appeared a few months back, everyone said WOW and ran out to try their own.

To get a screener's choice from a sunset shot now requires that it be simply stunning. The Honda Canyon shot has the train clearly silhouetted on the bridge, reflections off the surf, a high bridge, and it's brighter, with the sun directly behind the coaches. It cleared what is now a much higher bar.

Your second shot really grabs your attention. It's well composed and the palm trees and the snappy lighting all make it a shot you want to open. I like it and it's not just another cookie cutter shot.

As Dave said, comments are more important that hit counts. One of my favorite shots, which has gotten a number of positive comments from names that that I respect, has done very little in hit counts. Once a shot gets on the home page, either as a PCA or Screener's Choice, the hit count skyrockets.

Which of these is the better shot? I can't really say, but the second shot was a Screener's Choice and has 8 times as many hits, but 1/3 fewer comments!

Image © Michael F. Allen
PhotoID: 180751
Photograph © Michael F. Allen

Image © Michael F. Allen
PhotoID: 178423
Photograph © Michael F. Allen

Back to your shot, I liked the mood of the full scenic that you posted, but if you were fishing for a Screener's Choice, you probably would have done better with a tighter, more dramatic crop. John West can tell you about how scenics tend to fare, vs. tighter crops!

Michael Allen
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