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Default Rail Atlas'

A new edition of the U.S. Railroad Traffic Atlas is coming out soon, it covers the whole U.S. and can be useful, author is Harry Ladd. I flipped through it once at the Smithsonian Bookstore and it looked pretty good. The word traffic in the title is not misleading, every rail route contains info on how much traffic the line gets, and can be very useful for planning. There is also the "Professional Railroad atlas of North America" which covers the nation, not as detailed as the SPV editions and a bit pricey at $70.00. Both of the above can be had at the Altamont Press site Altamont publishes a useful series of what they call railfan timetables. They resemble an employee timetable and are full of useful info, unfortunately the series does not cover the whole U.S., but maybe they will in the future.
Sorry about messing up my state abbreviations and yup, I meant AR And the info on Prairie County was helpful thanks. It's not a place that gets a lot of headlines and just knowing that it is still very rural will help with the trip planning. For one, it greatly increases the odds that my G-G-G-grandfathers house may still be standing. This year we went to Tucumcari, NM and waltzed right over to my G-G grandfathers house, uninhabited and in perfect shape. My mom hadn't been there since 1937 and was overjoyed to see the place again. It is also in an agricultural area where things don't get torn down very often. (Including Tucumcari's Union Station, still standing.)
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