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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Yeah, attempting to use a drone near any major city is problematic. Large airports with commercial activity typically have Class B or Class C airspace, and it goes all the way to the ground within 5 nautical miles of the airport, although that can vary. To operate ANYTHING in that airspace (airplane, copter, blimp, balloon, drone), even close to the ground, requires communication with the responsible Radar Approach Control, a Mode C (altitude reporting) Transponder, and an ATC Clearance. You actually have to hear the words "Cleared into the Chicago Bravo Airspace, maintain (specified altitude), fly heading (specified heading)". No one gets to just wander in Bravo Airspace. Everybody is on a specific clearance and woe to thee who fails to comply with it. Charlie Airspace is less restrictive, but you still need communication with ATC prior to entering and you still need the transponder. Obviously, the vast majority of drones have no way to comply with these regulations. Possessing a current Sectional Aeronautical Chart for the area where you intend to fly will really help you understand the airspace situation and where you can and can't operate.
Good information there. Do drone sellers share those restrictions with drone buyers?
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