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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
One of my favorite RP photogs is Nick McLean. He always comes up with an interesting way of shooting trains.
Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Yup, Nick is very quietly putting together a very nice portfolio here. I'm still jealous of his spring steam trip last year. He hit four or five railroads in as many days and came away with a ton of successful RP posts. Sunny....cloudy....rainy...didn't matter. He nailed 'em all.
Glad to see others are as big a fan of Nick as I am. The fact he has no PCAs is criminal.

Seems like if your first name is Nick, you're in good shape: Nick Suydam, Nick D'Amato, Nick McLean, Nick Benson, Nick Wilson....

- Chris
/Another RP contributor getting robbed in the PCA voting: Georg Trub. Only 2 PCAs and non since November 2008. Are people looking at the same RP I am?
- Christopher Blaszczyk
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