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Originally Posted by stevenmwelch
I recently chased (got it in 3 spots) a SD75M Warbonnet... Okay, so three spots... I came home with 6 photos. Sure is easy to edit...
Wow! That is incredible. When I chased the 844 in April, I can't tell you how many shots I took. At Union Station alone, I took 60-70 photos, including this shot:
Image © Jake B.
PhotoID: 333905
Photograph © Jake B.

I shoot jpeg only, just because I don't want to do more editing. I rarely ever get a bad color or exposure reject. Occasionally I will overexpose something, but it isn't that bad. My one problem I'm having is more with quality. Some of my recent photos have not been great quality wise. Not horrible, just not as good as I expected. I though it was focusing, but I think it is more with the camera. Would switching to RAW help? (Obviously Janusz thinks that isn't true, but I don't know what it could be.)
Take this shot for example. It was focused on the nose of the lead unit, and it was shot on Large jpeg. But I just see a lesser quality image than many other images in the DB taken with similar cameras. Do you agree, or am I going crazy? (By the way I don't agree with the composition/ balance reject.)
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