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Joe - What is DPP? And I didnt do anything with the shot after I took it. When you mention how its a digital negative, and I have to bring the light back out, do you mean like brightening in photoshop? I have done that but the quality decreases greatly since so much lightening is needed. You mentioned as well that the computer could be an issue too... mine is 6 years old now, and isnt the greatest. LCD screen though (apparently that is crucial for viewing such pictures properly?).

Hatchetman - Yes I tried the software. The thumbnail for the RAW image shows it the way the camera screen does, but the preview for its conversion (and the actual conversion result) show the darkened picture.

For editing, I use Elements 6. A friend of mine uses that same program, but the RAW files from his Canon are accepted into PSE with no problems.

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