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Originally Posted by MagnumForce View Post
You are missing that part of what I said and I bet that everyone of those guys that you quoted would agree with the quoted text above

Shooting in RAW helps exposure, and color balance. It does nothing for composition, sharpness, depth of field, cropping, motion blur, or essentially anything else.
It is not a magic bullet and cannot make lemonade from lemons.

My personal advice is put the thing in "P" at ISO 100 and learn composition before you worry about anything else at all. Once you do that learn about FStop and Shutter speed and depth of field and how to use them and how they all correlate with each other. But you can learn all that till you are blue in the face and it will not matter at all if you cannot compose an interesting and striking scene.

So again, shoot RAW if you want, but without everything else you will not gain anything at all from it. Heck I argue that if you shoot things only on sunny days and right to begin with, at 1024 or 1200 Pixels wide shooting in RAW doesn't gain you anything at all. But I know I am on the minority in that statement.
This is great advice.

RAW is just part of the process the same as ISO or f/stops so follow the above words.

The "deep" part is not what you are doing now. It's where you are when you have learned the skills of a good photographer.

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