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I've already cut the BNSF body similar to your picture. From that picture, it looks like that engine is brand new but has caught on fire or something. With that, all it needs is rust and I am in the process of applying it at its front end.

I too cannot find a flat car that would accept such a load and as mentioned prior, without alterations to an existing flat car there's nothing out there that will fit - yet. The reporting marks of that pictured flat car is KRL (Kasgro Rail Lines) which describes it to be 75' inside clear. A good alternative that I've seen is an 81' heavy duty depressed center car that Walthers makes. The depressed center will help by providing clearance for the fuel belly. Ironically, Walthers makes this 81 footer in KRL.

Now if I can only find the tie-rod support...

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